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About elefast

More performance, less load. More satisfied visitors, less costs.

About elefast

what is elefast?

elefast is a web cache service that significantly accelerates your website or web application. As the result, your website is faster while the load of your server is lower.
It also reduces traffic and the server handles easily even the sudden peaks that might otherwise mean its overload and crash.

why to use elefast?

Customers cannot wait for a long website response. They are more demanding each day, requiring more reliable and faster services.
On the website your success can be a matter of seconds.

is elefast the right solution for me?

elefast can be used for projects of any kind or size. It is easy to set up and you don't have to make any changes in your website's code. It is really user friendly.

how does it work?

elefast stands between your website visitors and server and stores your website parts in its cache memory, so they don’t have to be generated at every single request over and over again. Once, the website or its part is in elefast's memory, the next request is served by elefast instead of the server.

elefast can help you to be successful in internet wild.


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Deliver better user experience

Elefast increases websites speed on average more than 50%. With better user experience grows satisfaction of your clients and your conversion rates. There are fewer page views on slow web sites. Speed affects also the web site search ranking.

Save bandwidth

Web sites using elefast consume 60% less bandwidth. Your server will work more effectively and costs for traffic and maintenance will be lower. The next great thing is that you will become more considerate to the natural environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Take control over your costs

Detailed statistics allow you to control your costs and switch between service packages as needed. You can start with any package - all of them are free for 30 days. After this time you will see statistics and decide if you keep chosen package or change it for more suitable.

Try free

There are two ways how to try elefast. You can test your web site on elefast without signing up. Testing page will be available for 7 days. Or you sign up and get elefast trial version for 30 days free. If you love elefast already, you will get 30 days free anyway.

Easy to set up

No programming needed. You activate elefast by simple change of DNS in your domain settings. Without any intervention into you web site code. After DNS is changed, all traffic of your web site or web application will be processed through elefast cache system.

Dynamic Content Caching

Dynamic content in elefast cache can be updated when needed. All settings are available in elefast API. You can set up time of cache expiration which is provided automatically, but also use API for cache update on demand. You can update cache for all web site or just its parts.

Static Content Caching

Elefast caches your static content, such as HTML files, images or JavaScript resources, so that they can be served directly from elefast`s data center on demand. If you need to refresh the cache, it takes just a minute. Using elefast API is very user friendly and anyone can manage it easily.

Clear your cache quickly

elefast allows easy and quick purge of cache even of those websites that are changing very often. 
elefast API and its modules is comprehensible and easy to use. You can also define rules and regular expressions to clear the cache. An average uncaching is done within 3-5 seconds.

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Test page will be available 7 days.


*Note: Cache of the testing page is updated every 24 hours.

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Pricing Table

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€ 3per 30 days

Pageviews 10 000
HTTP / HTTPS 180 000
API Requests 100
Traffic 3 GB


€ 15per 30 days

Pageviews 100 000
HTTP / HTTPS 1 500 000
API Requests 10 000
Traffic 28 GB


€ 50per 30 days

Pageviews 500 000
HTTP / HTTPS 9 000 000
API Requests 150 000
Traffic 100 GB


€ 100per 30 days

Pageviews 1 000 000
HTTP / HTTPS 15 000 000
API Requests 300 000
Traffic 250 GB