While using elefast on your web site you will probably need to update cache of the web content on elefast server from time to time. For this purpose we create elefastAPI. You can uncache your project in your profile or by using available modules. This documentation will show you how to use API.

API is available on url:



To use elefastAPI you need to get your security token. You can find it in your profile on this page. Each project has unique key and it is necessary use it correctly.



elefastAPI allows you to use this methods for uncache your website.


To delete specific url from your website you can use method delete.

POST http://elefast.com/api/{SecurityToken}/delete/

In data of this POST request you have to send JSON with parameter "filter" where you specify urls which should be uncached.



If you need to clear whole domain you can use this method.

GET http://elefast.com/api/{SecurityToken}/clearDomain/

 But please make sure you need to clear all cached urls. Using this method is simple but it makes elefast less effective.


200 Success
404 Something went wrong

Table of responses is pretty simple. If code of your response is 200, uncache request was success. Otherwise check message sent with response.

"Message":"Incorrect token"
Incorrect token You don't set token or is wrong
Incorrect filter Data you send are not correct
Missing data You send empty request
JSON error messages You have something wrong in JSON
Action '*' isn't available on class APIController Method you set is not supported

Table of most common error messages