Terms and Conditions

Following Terms and Conditions define use of SLONline’ s system elefast. 
The Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions and agrees with them by the registration - more precisely by confirming the registration form on our website http://elefast.com/. 
Please read them carefully before the registration.


The Customer is you or a company you represent.

SLONline is a software company providing web services, including the elefast.

elefast is a software system for intelligent caching of web content.

elefast packages are four service packages with different level of providing services in 30 days billing period, such as Pageviews, HTTP/HTTPS Requests, API Requests and Traffic. Packages and pricing will be described further in these Terms and Conditions.

elefastAPI is an API for uncaching, cache updates and maintenance of available modules.

User profile is an interface for administration of the Customer's user profile, setting of elefast packages and access to statistics and analytics.

Free trial

SLONline allows the Customer to try elefast free for 30 days. There are no additional or hidden charges.


Every new registered Customer is allowed to use elefast free for 30 days.
After 30 days of free using of elafast will SLONline charge the Customer the price of elefast package the Customer has chosen. Billing period is 30 days.

The Customer is able to change the elefast package when needed, on any day of the 30 days billing period. This change will affect the price of the elefast charges for the ongoing period.

Invoices will be sent on the Customer's e-mail address. Payment term is 7 days.

elefast packages

There are four available packages:

Pageviews 10 000 50 000 250 000 500 000
HTTP/HTTPS Requests 180 000 900 000 4 500 000 9 000 000
API Requests 100 1 000 10 000 20 000
Traffic 3 GB 14 GB 72 GB 145 GB
Price 7 € 15 € 50 € 100 €

Range of services in the package counts for 30 days billing period.
All prices are without VAT.

Additional charges - the packages' overruns

Each package includes a certain range of services for Pageviews, HTTP/HTTPS Requests, API Requests and Traffic.

After the Customer's project overruns the range of the package, the Customer will be charged for requests and traffic over the limit:

  • HTTP / HTTPS Requests (1000)* - 0,035 €
  • API Requests (1000)* - 0,10 €
  • Traffic (1 GB)* - 0,60 €

* counts for every started 1000 requests or 1 GB.

Payment options

Payments can be proceed online via PayPal.

If the Customer does not use PayPal, the payment can be made directly to our account. All information necessary for the payment are part of the invoice.

Payment security

SLONline does not proceed any online payments on elefast’s website. All payments are secured by third parties, e.g. PayPal.

Service availability

SLONline will make maximum effort to provide continuos and trouble-free elefast services.

SLONline cannot guarantee 100% accessibility of elefast services and that the service will be completely error-free. Some interruptions or errors can appear and some unexpected circumstances might occured. SLONline team will do their best to fix all problems as fast as they can.

Under any circumstances SLONline will not be liable for any damage or loss of data, loss of profits and revenues.

Service termination

SLONline is allowed to cancel providing of elefast services to the Customer who fail to comply with any paragraph of these Terms and Conditions.

SLONline also cannot guarantee providing of the services endlessly. In case of closing the elefast service, the Customer will be notified at least two months in advance.

Privacy policy

SLONline has to collect personal and company information to provide services and billing system. These information will be used only for the purpose of running the service, billing and invoicing.

SLONline does not share the Customer's personal information with anyone. SLONline will protect these information in its database and never abuse it or sell it to third parties.

Changes and updates

SLONline reserves the right to change or modify these Terms and Conditions with no prior notice. Changes will be displayed as update of Terms and Conditions. We will inform our registered users and Customers about the changes on their e-mails.


If there is anything unclear or you have any questions, contact us and feel free to ask. Otherwise we suppose you understand everything written above and agree an we will have no responsibility of any misunderstanding and its consequences.

SLONline, s.r.o., Dobšinského 22, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
Last update: 23.9.2014